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Being an Inner Westie ourselves and having a long standing relationship with Sydney’s eastern beaches we don’t find the time to travel to far North and it’s a real shame. Sydney’s Northern Beaches are just as spectacular. It feels as though you’ve taken yourself for a little weekend away… and yet you’ve not left Sydney. Whale […]

Rachel and Tim: Wedding at Moby Dicks, Whale Beach


In the world of image creation, artists have been influencing artists for thousands of years. The Impressionists influenced the Post Impressionists, the Post Impressionists influenced the Cubists, the Cubists influenced the Surrealists. the Surrealists influenced the Realists and so on. In Erin’s younger years she spent so much time painting and then of course moved on to […]

Aleisha and Matt: Wedding at Norman Lindsay Gallery, Falconbridge


As we look over the collection of images collated from Natasha and Matt’s day I feel my stomach bubble with an easy joy. The day was every bit playful and quirky and soulful and perfectly suited to them both. A day that was thought for so long by so many of their very closest family and […]

Tash and Matt: Backyard Engagement Party (Surprise Wedding)


Dear Holly and Rob, With great sincerity we write this open letter to you both to thank you for the gift you gave us by inviting us to attend and document your wedding day on the 13th September 2014 at the Sydney Polo Club in Richmond. Had we had known such a venue existed 5 […]

Holly and Rob: Wedding at Sydney Polo Club, Windsor


Clara’s energy is magnetic. She is deeply connected and soulful one moment and a firecracker of character and laughter the next. The night we met her and maid of honour Naomi felt much more like a gathering of friends discussing one of the girl’s upcoming wedding over drinks and giggles than a photography consultation. We instantly […]

Clara and Matt: Wedding at Montrose Berry Farm


“We are getting married at the Manhattan Super Bowl”. the email said. Before writing back that we are photographers based in Sydney, Australia and we’d need to charge some serious travel to get all the way to Manhattan for their wedding … I thought I’d just do a quick Google search just to be sure there wasn’t […]

Hayley and Dane: Wedding at Manhattan Bowl


I don’t know where to start this blog post because it sits so closely to my heart I’m afraid I’m going to gush personal memories from childhood. She’s my second cousin or “sister” as we’ve called ourselves since as long as we can remember. He was introduced to her by my brother  – they’ve been inseparable […]

Carrie and Simon: Wedding at The National Library, Canberra


Elated. I think that would have to be the one word to describe the large amount of squealing that came from us when we read the email from Kacie saying “yes please” to us shooting their wedding day. We’d met Kacie and Troy at Anna and Ian’s wedding – Troy is Anna’s brother.  We couldn’t […]

Kacie + Troy: Wedding at Riverwood Downs, Barrington Tops


Really – it couldn’t be more perfect. Two gorgeous guys standing before their closest friends and promising to love one another on Valentines Day. It was amazing.. and we were so honoured to be there. Congratulations Shane and Makzy … your love is  fun and powerful and fabulous and enduring. With great respect and admiration..

Shane & Makzy: Wedding in Rose Bay, Sydney

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My brother Paul got married. If you didn’t already know, I come from the most amazing family! They really are the greatest people I know. I could say a thousand words, but I will just say that my brother Paul was the most dashing groom (and I can’t look at a picture of him without […]

Paul and Mikaela: Wedding at The National Arboretum, Canberra



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