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Nov 17, 2014

Aleisha and Matt: Wedding at Norman Lindsay Gallery, Falconbridge

In the world of image creation, artists have been influencing artists for thousands of years. The Impressionists influenced the Post Impressionists, the Post Impressionists influenced the Cubists, the Cubists influenced the Surrealists. the Surrealists influenced the Realists and so on.

In Erin’s younger years she spent so much time painting and then of course moved on to photography in later years. There has been no greater influence from an artist on her own personal artistic expression than the evocative and emotive works of Norman Lindsay. She’s lived in Sydney for 5 years now and hadn’t visited his Gallery at Faulconbridge at the foot of the Blue Mountains. I must. I must – she would say to herself. When Aleisha contacted us to let us know that their ceremony would be in the gardens of Norman Lindsay’s gallery we brimmed with excitement!

Matt is adorably bashful, with a quiet yet brilliant wit to him and an unassuming style. He stood proudly at the front of their family and friends and watched a blue Kombi van turn the corner of trees and pull out into the clearing and smiled as his bride came toward him. Aleisha is Matt’s perfect opposite. “HELLO!!!!!” “HEY EVERYONE!!!” she exclaimed as she waved and beamed down the aisle toward him. She is endearingly outspoken, oozes confidence and brims over with the most engaging kindness – she’s the kind of girl you could spend all day with and then definitely need to see her again tomorrow. It’s really no wonder Matt promised then to spend forever with her.

Reflecting now – in the gardens of Erin’s favourite artist, Aleisha and Matt were our great inspiration. A love so perfect it bounced between them both like a champion ping pong tournament and ricocheted across to each and everyone of their family and friend’s smiles who were there .. all aware that they were a part of something very special indeed.

A favourite restaurant for them both was to be the venue for their Reception. Cusina Casareccia is not just any restaurant though. A family home set on a small property on the outskirts of Sydney provided what would be the best Italian meal we’ve ever experienced. There was no taste tests before the evening – Aleisha and Matt trusted the family to whip them up something wonderful and expectations by everyone were blown away. We’re already planning our next visit to experience their amazing hospitality again. If you’re looking for a truly incredible and unique location – there is not another Sydney venue we could recommend more highly.

To Aleisha and Matt – thank you, thank you, thank you. These two words don’t seem like enough but they will have to do for now – or at least until we can find the right way to express our appreciation for allowing us to document your wedding day. We adore you both. Thank you for being so kind, generous and thoughtful – you’re one of those couples who make us fall deeper in love with what we do. We left that night on such a high … and it was all because of you both and your amazing family and friends. Thank you and Congratulations.

Much Love
Erica + Erin. x


  1. Mia Joosten Lagerwaard

    November 17th, 2014 at 8:40 am

    This is beautiful and with the glow of LOVE. Congratulations xoxo

  2. Rosie Borg

    November 17th, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    Congratulations! What a beautiful and unique wedding, one that will always be remembered. Wishing your life together fulll of love and happiness.xxxx Rosie & Geoff


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