Kaylan and Julien: Wedding in Newtown, Sydney

I’ve been living in and around Newtown for close to 15 years. The area has my heart.. It’s a cultural and artistic melting pot and one of the few spaces that everyone feels able to express themselves and love freely. We were so excited to finally have a wedding here and I couldn’t have picked a cuter couple to spend the day with. I love how these guys don’t take themselves so seriously.. they are so much fun to hang out with and we are so thrilled to call them friends. Special thanks to the amazing street artists who gave us some pretty epic backdrops, the city of Newtown for putting a good food festival on at the perfect time and the guy who gave us some free beers to celebrate as we walked past.

Huge thanks as well to James from Honey Bear Films… The guy is a living legend.. Check out the video he did for these guys too:





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