Jun 4, 2015

Helena and Andrew: Wedding at Poachers Pantry, Murrumbateman

It was brilliant to be back in Canberra, working with Erica’s brother Paul and his amazing business partner Caterina at Matisse Hair and Beauty. Poacher’s Pantry is a dream. It’s difficult to try and explain to you in words how perfectly sweet, love-rich, and visually stunning this wedding day was. Helena and Andrew are a captivating couple, and the kind of people who just pour out love and joy onto anyone around them. and their families and friends are just the same. it’s hard to explain in words because some things just need photographs to make sense of what was happening.

We loved these guys. Loved their families. We could not have been more honoured to join them as the people who had the chance to make their wedding photographs. Helena and Andrew – you guys are amazing.

So here is our perspective, our memory, our interpretation of a day so wonderful, so whimsical, so classic and true.



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