May 6, 2015

Jes and Kirby: Elopement at Weston Park, Canberra

Jesikah + Kirby were engaged but the thought of a big wedding where they found themselves in a crowded room, themselves the center of attention made these quiet natured beautiful peeps  crazy anxious. Kirby had mentioned that the thought of a speech was particularly daunting to him. More and more so the idea to take a trip to Canberra and secretly elope grew more and more appealing. So it came to be that on a perfect crisp Canberra day  that Steven Murray from Canberra Celebrants,and ourselves would be the only witnesses to two beautiful people’s choice to say “we do”. After a truly moving ceremony that we felt so honoured to attend by Lake Burley Griffin in Weston Park, we shared cake and wondered around with these two to capture some wonderful memories both for themselves and their families who had no idea these events were unfolding.

To Jes + Kirby – a thousand thanks for trusting us with such an important milestone in your family. Thank you for spending such a beautiful day with us. We would join you a million times over.

Your wedding day will  go down as one of our favourite days… ever. Here’s why…



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