Feb 19, 2015

Holly and John: Wedding at Razorback, NSW

It started with an email

We are having a bit of a backyard wedding at my parents property… and we have a bit of a funny bridal party too… I am having my 3 sisters and 2 brother in laws and he is having his 2 brothers and his best man.. I am also not planning on wearing white and we were hoping to do most of bridal photos before the ceremony so we don’t have to leave our guests waiting..

and Erica did one of her crazy dancing around dances that can only be seen when she’s SUPER DUPER excited.

And so it came to be that  we were invited to the Walton family home at Razorback just outside Sydney and warmly welcomed like family members to handfuls of generous and gracious people (and some especially lovable four legged friends) we had never met before. And we fell in love with them; their family history,  their fresh outlook, their taste in food and wine, their love of beauty, their commitment to each other, their abundant “them-ness”.

As beautiful as the surroundings were, we found these folk even more so They are lovers of the outdoors, and two of the most vibrant  people we have ever met. It was plainly evident in her smile, and the closeness of her family – how her sisters looked at her when they saw her in her dress, how she wanted her sisters to have their partners with them so included them in her bridal party and her parents pausing the start of the ceremony to warmly welcome the 120 odd guests to their home. We saw that in his kind smile and how his eyes lit up when he saw his bride. This is a special couple, from special families, and it was a special day.

We wish we could tell you how much these two have grown to mean to us.  We wish we could explain the relationships they have with those around them. we wish you could know personally their generous hearts and their kind spirits. we wish we could convey in words just how perfect they are for one another. I wish I could accurately explain how they took the characteristics of a wedding day and picked and chose the parts they wanted, discarded those they didn’t and lovingly created something so much more beautiful. We wish we could tell you, but we can’t. so we’ll show you instead.



  1. Heather Walton

    February 19th, 2015 at 5:30 am

    Just Beautiful !!!

  2. Sarah Lewis

    February 19th, 2015 at 7:43 pm

    Just devine!

  3. Leanne Wenman

    February 19th, 2015 at 10:37 am

    lovely xxxxx


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