Brooke and Daniel: Wedding at Officer Scout Park, Officer

We had met Daniel as Best Man at Lee and Kelly’s wedding in the Hunter Valley a few years ago and remember fondly how he spent the day conscientiously rallying the troops and excitedly messaging the going ons back to a heavily pregnant Brooke who wasn’t able to make it. It seems that wasn’t just a one off Daniel and rather a representation of a very special guy many close to him jokingly nicknamed “Groomzilla”. In truth it spoke to a guy who threw his all into making sure that this day – their wedding day – was as perfect as it could be… a deep romantic his excitement to wow Brooke, to blow her away and make things magic was about as unparalleled as we have seen. For months he laboured over intricate wooden signs, an incredible family bench, tirelessly working with their gorgeous kids to make one of a kind centerpieces and I kid you not was still lovingly preparing a ceremony location a mere half hour before the ceremony was due to start – threatening anyone who dared stepped on the immaculate hessian aisle (hehe) .. all to put a smile on one person’s face.All to ensure that the people he loved the most (his family and friends) had a truly amazing day.

Brooke and Daniel, thank you for giving us the free reign and trust to run with the quirky ideas that came to us throughout  such an incredibly love filled and impeccably styled day. You guys gave us oxygen. We left a 12+ hour day with you feeling like we could do it all over  again the next day… and the next and the next. Thank you so much for inviting us to spend that day with you.Your family is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see photos of your family on that park bench 10 or 20 years from now… I hope that as time may age you all… you all will remain the same. Never change.

Much Love

E + Ez x




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