How many beautiful photos do you have with your partner? Are they iPhone selfies? Or dark from nights out with friends or that concert you went to? We are all about celebrating Love and connection in all its shapes and we truly value the memory of having a beautiful picture with the person you love […]

Aimee and Leanna: Couples session

Engagements, LGBTQ

The night before Sheree and Trish had shared their 1st anniversary together. New sweet love is some of the most fabulous out there and it was fantastic spending a beautiful Sydney sunset with the girls to take some photos of them to celebrate. Sheree is a fantastic hooper so we incorporated a bit of her […]

Sheree and Trish: Couples session

Engagements, LGBTQ

Irene spoke at our wedding ceremony, a collection of Jeneatte Winterson quotes entwined together with her thoughts made one of the most perfect moments of that truly perfect day. Thought now might be a time to give one back to her 😉 “Love demands expression. It will not stay still, stay silent, be good, be […]

Irene and Kerry: Couples session

Engagements, LGBTQ

The 35th Anniversary of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival starts on the10th February and will be 3 weeks of celebrations for the LGBTQI Community – jam packed with amazing performances, community events, insane parties and ending in the world famous parade day and party on the 2nd March.  A glittered spotlight will […]

Zofia and Jean: Couples session

Engagements, LGBTQ


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